The 2020 Phenomenon

I’m calling the last two years the 2020 phenomenon. I’m just sick of referring to this nightmare as the pandemic, covid-19, and the chaos that comes with the resulting challenges of fear and anxiety; and dealing with the spread of information, mis-information, and down right WTF information! 👊🏼 It’s time for me (and likely you!) to get real. 

First things first, we’ve been in an active phenomenon for going on – two years now. Researchers describe a phenomenon in two ways: 

1. ‘A fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question.’ 


2. ‘A remarkable person, thing, or event.’

Philosophically speaking, a phenomenon is ‘the object of a person’s perception; what the senses or the mind notice.’ (All from Oxford English Dictionary, FYI).

I’d have to say, that with each of these definitions, we can safely include all humans on the planet, as falling into one category or another, and we could safely say that what we are either collectively or individually experiencing, is a massive global phenomenon. It doesn’t matter though, because the bottom-line is, it’s bloody hell! 🤦🏼‍♀️

Now that we have that out of the way, I promised you a response filled with what – I – am going to do about it! I’m sure that’s the reason you’ve stuck around this long and it likely pertains more to why you decided to read on …

Since I am well versed in control theory and the art and science of behavioural psychology, I know a few things about the art of control … I know that I cannot control anyone OR any-THING for that matter, beyond the realm of the self. 

So, first things first, if you’re sitting there, still thinking about how to, or god forbid, trying to, control anything outside of yourself with respect to this virus, I suggest you stop now and fix that first. It’s a completely useless endeavour; sorry to be the bearer … but it is what it is. 🤷‍♀️

What we CAN control (aka do something about in the 2020 phenomenon), in no particular order, is the following: 

My FIVE to THRIVE for panic AND a pandemic (aka giant shitty phenomenon!), is the following:

✨ BREATHE: no seriously, I don’t have time to get into the science, but there are MARKED physiological benefits to attending to this mindfully! If you’re not mindfully breathing yet, start with a minute a day!! That’s it! Then stage yourself up! If you teach or work with kids, or any other humans for that matter, stop them to breathe with you! Twice a day if you can! It’s seriously a non-negotiable and oh so beneficial MUST! Oh, and despite popular belief, you CANNOT go wrong. You were born for this, so get busy mindfully attending to it!

✨REMIND: you can’t do it all! Stop trying right now. Prioritize your tasks. Do what you can. Apologize for the rest. Keep plugging on through – ONE – thing at a time!

✨RELATE: find some people and complain – MOMENTARILY – the science behind getting a few things out in the air is remarkable. This MUST be short lived though, or you’ll wear a path of negativity. You DON’T want to do that. Think of getting from A to B as a kid playing the ‘lava’ game. Quick – get – get – go – and done! 

✨GO DEEP: deep level connections are essential. Do you have a partner, friend, relative, therapist, neighbour, or coworker with whom you can connect in a real and raw manner? Are they someone who challenges you? Lets you ugly cry for as long as necessary? Doesn’t let you stay stuck for long? Helps you set goals? – Keep this person – they are essential! 

✨LET GO: let go and let god, let go and let the universe, let go and let someone else for crying out loud! Remove the burdens of owning it all! You’re being pulled in 1000 directions and it doesn’t matter if you have a diagnosis or not – you’re anxious, stressed, and burning out. STOP. Stop owning every single little thing, allow room for mistakes, apologize or make amends if it’s safe and helpful, or lay low when you need to and give some directions from a far (I’m picturing cancelling class or a meeting, while enjoying a hot bath with some soothing music in the background! OR – just jumping off social media for a day or 10!).  Just BE – OK – with NOT being perfect! OK!

All right, on a serious note, these are serious. Don’t cancel everything, but also DO NOT hold yourself up too ‘HAVE to’s’ and ‘CAN’T do without’s’ . . . Be responsible and respectful, but for god sakes, take time out! And breathe 👊🏼 Don’t forget to breathe! 

Dr. J

PS: Resources and references for any statements may be acquired by contacting

PPS: If you need access to any – free to fee – based counselling options email me, I have a list! For Kids, remind them about the Kids Help Phone! You can call or text 24 hours!


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