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Areas of interest and research include:

  • Personal and Professional Wellbeing: students, educators, leaders, community.
  • Health, Mental Health & Teacher Education: Early Career Teachers, Workplace & Teacher Wellbeing; Teacher Stress & Burnout Prevention: Mindset, Meaning Mental Health, Mentorship, Management.
  • Trauma and Compassion Informed Teaching and Learning (The Human Curriculum).
  • Educational Psychology; Student & Teacher Needs; Resilience, Relatability, Resourcefulness; and Routines for strength and capacity in the profession of teaching.
  • Classroom Management: Differentiating Instruction, Inclusion, Exceptionalities, Learners at-risk (social, emotional, behavioural, mental health); Alternative Education; Special Education; Therapeutic Teaching Methods.
  • Motivation, Engagement, Planning Models: Inquiry Learning or Project Based Learning, Understanding by Design; Universal Design for Learning.