The Human Curriculum™

Prairie Sky Education offers a variety of services to support independent schools, daycares, co-operatives, and community organizations. Below are the links and information to the top types of services we provide to day care centres, schools, or professional organizations. In larger school divisions and organizations many of these supports or services take place within the school or organizations setting, or they can be arranged through division or board available supports during retreats or weekend professional development. Private schools, daycares, and other community organizations utilize our services to support the following: staff, staff development and learning, or supports for students and families in a variety of ways.

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Topic: The Human Curriculum™

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All session pricing and details are worked out once organizations choose a timeframe, a number of participants, a theme within my areas of expertise – and then we go from there to plan the best day possible for you and your people! 🦋

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Once we get going and your needs, interests, and goals are assessed, Judy creates a proposal to best serve your community!

The Art & Science of Therapeutic Teaching & Learning: At the University of Saskatchewan