Teachers Matter Mentorship Groups: The Human Curriculum for Educators

The Teachers Matter Mentorship Group launched in the Fall of 2022 with 10 amazingly hard working teachers. Personally, I do not know an educator that is not hard working, however, this group dove in head first to get real about stress, vulnerabilities, challenges, and upset in the workplace ~ And they were willing to take a look at self-care through a new lens. If you, or your organization, is interested in Mentorship Groups, read on or watch our Instagram page for new dates and sessions! Mentorship groups can be run in a variety of ways and contexts – and they are not just for teachers!

Reach out and ask how this opportunity could be right for you or your organization!

Teachers learning about the power of mindful activities ~ Art, music, and movement therapy for the classroom!

Mentorship Groups

We meet either in a private Zoom Room, classroom, or office space for 90 minutes per session where we share, reflect, and discuss topics that support teacher well-being and overall health. Teachers experience care, comfort, camaraderie, and connection in a small group of like-minded educators looking to find fulfillment, friendship, and fun!

Self-Care Before Care-Give

Dr. Judy has been an educator in Saskatchewan for over 20 years, and as an educator, therapist, and mother of three, she understands not only the demands of the classroom, but the demands of parenting, partnering, and powering through the challenges that present when balancing work and life.

Judy knows educators are passionate about their work, however, we are also easily burned out by care and compassion fatigue that can and should be avoided through balance, boundaries, and attention to the self.

In your mentorship group experience you will learn about and apply therapeutic strategies that will strengthen your capacity for resilience in work and in life, and the best part is, many of the lessons are transferable to home, school, and life! The skills and strategies you develop over your mentoring session are applicable and inspiring ~ and you will leave feeling compelled to focus more on yourself as an essential factor in everyone’s well-being! The ideals that are taught as aspects of the mentorship group are based on Judy’s Human Curriculum ~ a curriculum rooted in her research, work, and life experience over the last two and a half decades.

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The potential in us is as vast as the prairie sky!

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