“Transforming Mental Health Education”

Most importantly, Judy is a mother of three, who enjoys time with her family as a priority in her life. Time with her blended family of five is essential to her own well-being, and each of her family members have been among her greatest teachers.

Dr. Judy (PhD) is a Certified Counsellor and Teacher registered with both the Saskatchewan Professional Teacher’s Regulatory Board, and the Association of Cooperating Counselling Therapists of Canada. As a Registered Counselling Therapist, Judy holds a Master Therapeutic Counselling designation, with a specialization in Educational Psychology and Special Education. Judy continues to pursue many teaching and learning opportunities through continuing education credits and certifications annually; and supporting current and relevant practices that meet the needs of her community is her priority.

Judy has been an educator in Saskatoon for almost 25 years, with experiences ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to University. In addition, as part of her interdisciplinary practice, she holds many certificates and registrations, and attains on-going credit hours through professional development as both an educator and counselling therapist. Judy is a professional member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, and as part of her continued clinical practice in the private and public sector of mental health care and education, she receives many hours of supervision and consultation to support her work annually. 

If you decide to book consultation, presentations, or private coaching sessions with Judy, you will receive her dedication and years of experience working with people. With her decades of experience working in the professions of teaching, learning, and mental heath, Judy is adept at supporting her students and clients, both personally and professionally. She will work with each individual or organization to provide learning in areas that mean the most to you and your people. With a person / learner centred philosophy at the heart of her work, she allows you to be the one in charge of your journey and experience. Your self development and well-being are her priority.

Judy’s areas of interest, and specialties, include the following:

  • holistic behavioural supports for children and families (rooted in connection);
  • management supports to aid educators in managing groups (CALM classroom management and Therapeutic Teaching);
  • parenting and blended family supports;
  • conflict resolution and courageous conversation strategies;
  • emotion regulation and management of stress (including anxiety, grief and loss, anger);
  • relationship and / or family supports (separation and divorce);
  • and personal growth through attention to well-being and a positive mindset, through a goals-based orientation. 

Judy’s passions include understanding mental health physiologically and investing in overall well-being with great attention to the self. Her philosophy surrounding both areas is rooted in a phased approach to self-care and her mantra is ‘self-care before care-give’. The foundations of her work are, AWARE ~ CARE ~ COPE. Three stages of a process forming the crux of The Human Curriculum™.

On-going education and the pursuit of lifelong learning are core aspects of her own mental well-being, along with interests in nutrition and movement; research, reading, and writing; and especially, spending time outdoors with family, friends, and her camera – as efforts in managing her own mental health.

Some services provided by Judy and Prairie Sky Education are covered through EFAPs and other insurance and benefits providers; however, Judy also offers a sliding scale and a variety of free to fee based supports or services to select individuals and organizations, based on need. 

Please join Judy on Instagram or Facebook for seasonal pro-bono offers and to follow Judy’s work! *Hint* many free resources pop up over there!

To connect for a free consultation reach out anytime by calling or texting Judy’s confidential work line: 306-986-2663 or connect with Judy through her confidential E-mail:  judy@prairieskyeducation.ca

Note: If you are experiencing a crisis or require emergent care call 911 or present with your concerns at your local hospital or emergent care centre.

Saskatchewan Crisis and Help Lines include:

Crisis Suicide Helpline

Kid’s Help Phone


Trans Lifeline


Black Youth Help Line


Indigenous Peoples Crisis Supports

Saskatchewan ProblemGambling Help Line

Farm Stress Line

Abused Women’s Info Line


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