EVENT! January 11th, 2023

Therapeutic Teaching: Mental Health & Well-being in the Classroom

Teachers often ask about the line between supporting their students as they were trained (as teachers), or supporting their students mental health needs as they present in the classroom daily (are we therapists too?). The short answer is, teachers are not therapists, however, there is a lot they can do through the art and science of what Dr. Judy calls, Therapeutic Teaching. Therapeutic Teaching is part of Dr. Judy’s CALM Classrooms series, which forms one arm of her Human Curriculum work for educators. As an educator herself, who spent 20 years teaching in PreK – 12 classrooms, Judy understands the needs of both students and teachers; and her life’s work aims to bridge her interests and training as both an educator (25 years) and mental health practitioner (10 years). This session is for anyone seeking to build skills necessary for the 21st classroom: a space where teachers and students can thrive through therapeutic practices that support the well-being of everyone in the space. Dr. Judy cannot wait to meet you and ease your mind about the pressures of today’s classrooms by sharing both the art and the science behind therapeutic strategies that work to minimize teacher burnout and support student and teacher mental health!

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