Dr. Judy Jaunzems-Fernuk, RTC, MTC is a registered educator and therapeutic counsellor operating under the business of Prairie Sky Education (Personal and Professional Support Services). Dr. Judy has a variety of experiences and training in the following areas:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectic Behavioural Therapy (DBT)
  • Attachment Based Therapies
  • Mindful Based Practices
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Reality Therapy
  • Trauma and Compassion Focused Therapies
  • Sensory and Somatic Experiencing / Therapy
  • Crisis Intervention & Conflict Management
  • Suicide and Self-Harm (Prevention, Intervention, & Trauma Supports)
  • Restitution & Control Theory
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training & Cultural Competency Training
  • Parent, Personal, and Leadership Coaching, Counselling, and Consulting (CCC)

Psychotherapy and the CCC Approach

Judy is a certified psychotherapist, however, she offers a counselling service that is a unique blend of supports: Counselling, Coaching, and Consulting. This combined CCC approach involves psychotherapy, action, and reflection as part of a holistic healing process that supports well-being from within the client. As the therapist, Dr. Judy is your guide in a process that involves on-going holistic care and attention to your needs, goals, and ideals.

Psychotherapy is often treatment based in response to a diagnosable mental health issue or illness, such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, adjustment disorder, etc. It is often in-depth and used in conjunction with psychotropic medication, but not necessarily. 

In Judy’s practice, Psychotherapy is provided on an as needed basis in consultation with Judy, however the majority of her practice offers the CCC hybrid approach as a wrap around service for children, youth, and families in need of mental health or behavioural supports. Judy combines psychotherapy with psycho-education, so her clients may gain valuable knowledge, skills, and practices to take with them into a lifelong journey of healing. Clients will discuss the types of supports and options available given their individuals, family’s, or organizations needs, goals, and ideal outcomes of the service.

The combined CCC services offered throughout your time working with Dr. Judy tend to be wellness and action oriented; providing increased insight and learning through psycho-education and reflective work rooted in how to effectively overcome problems and challenges. The majority of services provided pertain to the combined CCC approach which is noted on client receipts or invoices. 

NOTE: Judy takes on a very limited number of cases for individual psychotherapy at this time and most clients receive the combined therapeutic approach, which is not for everyone. Reach out to ask questions if this interest you! 

* If you are claiming our services with an insurance provider or EFAP check the definitions and parameters of your coverage carefully as this combined approach may or may not be covered. In many cases it is if your provider covers “counselling” and / or “psychotherapy”.

Types of Services & Cost

Coaching: Rate $200 / 60 – 90 minutes; coaching is usually a very targeted approach to supporting a person, family, or group. Coaching, not unlike counselling or consulting, supports those willing to take targeted steps towards change with their life circumstances and move into successful relationships, activities, careers, events, recreation, travel opportunities, and more. Coaching involves a high degree of teaching, practice, and debriefing of skills.

Coaching involves recommendations for personal or professional supports and personal or professional practice, and it offers suggestions and ideas for one to try at home in between sessions. Not unlike homework – coaching offers between session support to further strengthen skills and ones ability to be successful (Dr. Judy uses text and e-mail for this work between sessions). Coaching can look a lot like mapping life goals, participating in mindful based activities, career planning, and journalling or visioning to formulate concrete plans, from which to check in and move forward. Coaching also can involve trial and error of skills that support growth while the client and practitioner find solutions that work for each individual, family, or organization. Celebrating ones success is a key element of this process and it should be engaging and even fun!

NOTE: Coaching alone involves a therapeutic approach to growth, however, it is not therapy.

Parent Coaching is a version of coaching that is unique and specific to parenting. It is, however, targeted and aimed at providing immediate change in small ways to build confidence, security, and comfort as a parent. Parent coaching rates are $260 Per 60-90 minute blocks. Parent Coaching can be more emotionally difficult than general Coaching, as parenting is a very emotional labour. Parent coaching involves an introduction to a variety of targeted strategies and trial and error as parents work to resolve parenting or behavioural concerns in the home. Change and perspective are often the foundation of parent coaching and thus can be difficult at times.

Parent Coaching can be combined with counselling and consulting in a wrap around family support service.

Consulting (Education, Parent, Business, Personal): Rate $200 / 60 – 90 min; Consulting is defined by advice or information that is discipline specific; usually on one topic of concern such as: career consulting, classroom management, behaviour consulting, parent consulting, business or employee relations, conflict management, crisis supports, and more. Consulting sessions can be in person, on the phone, through e-mail, zoom, or via text messaging; and can take place individually or in small groups.

Counselling & Psychotherapy: Rate $200 / 50 minute session. Please note that the majority of our services at this time are for coaching and consulting (see above), and / or offer the hybrid (CCC) approach: i.e. parent and family coaching; professional (teacher) consulting; etc. The above noted services are usually covered under wellness plans and do involve therapeutic support. 

If you are interested in counselling only (i.e., narrative or talk therapy, problem solving, targeted strength-based supports, grief work, crisis management, trauma supports, etc.), please contact Dr. Judy for a consult regarding your needs.

NOTE: For all services, if we enter into a conversation that is not in person (i.e. text, e-mail, Zoom), all confidentiality limitations apply.